Ajit told me that Sharad knew about his NCP + BJP plans: Devendra Fadnavis

MUMBAI: PCN leader Ajit Pawar approached him seeking to form a government with BJP and told him that his uncle Sharad Pawar was aware of his plans, the former CM said in an interview with a television channel on Saturday, speaking in detail About the short. lived the government BJP-NCP.

“Ajit Pawar came to me and told me that I did not want to form a government with Congress, and that a government with three parties would not be stable. He said he had informed his uncle Sharad Pawar about his plans. In fact, he also told the NCP MLAs that they were in contact with him that Sharad Pawar was aware, ”said Fadnavis. Significantly, in an earlier interview, Sharad Pawar had said he knew Ajit would meet with Fadnavis, but he had no idea of ​​any agreement to form a government.

Fadnavis said his conversations with Ajit had been ongoing for a few days and that most of the NCP MLAs were aware of their plans to join BJP. “I can say that most MLAs knew it. Not only were they in contact with Ajit Pawar, but I also spoke with several of them, ”said Fadnavis. He pointed out while his conversations took final form in 1-2 days, such things do not happen in one day and some preliminary conversations must have been there. Later, NCP denied Fadnavis's claims.

The former CM emphasized that Ajit came of his own accord. “Can anyone force him to do something? He came of his own accord and there were many NCP MLAs that supported him, ”said Fadnavis.

When asked if Sharad Pawar was aware of the agreement, Fadnavis said: “This will have to ask Ajit Pawar. He told me he knew. I can only say that there were things behind the scenes and between the lines that will be revealed at the appropriate time.

He added that not everything had been revealed about Sharad Pawar's meeting with the prime minister. Narendra Modi shortly before Ajit's rebellion. Pawar said Modi asked him to work with BJP, but declined the offer. “There were things that happened before and during the meeting. It will be revealed at the right time, ”said Fadnavis.

When asked if the decision to form a government with Ajit Pawar, whom he had targeted for the irrigation scam, had damaged his image, Fadnavis said: Only time will tell if this was a mistake ... We made a secret attack ( ganimi kawa) that failed. He defended the oath early in the morning after the secret agreement, saying that when the president's government rises, there should be no gaps in the installation of the new government.

Fadnavis criticized the ongoing review of projects during his regime by the Maha Vikas Aghadi government. There is nothing wrong with conducting a review, but if you create an environment in which large projects could be discarded, how will major investors get to the state? He asked. In reaction to the stay in the subway shed in the Aarey neighborhood, Fadnavis said his government made the decision to kill the trees only after a court verdict. The courts said the carbon sequestered during the life of the trees will be compensated within 80 days after the Metro works, he said. “Will the government find a new location for the car shed? And if there is a two-year delay, how will they face the escalation of costs? , I ask.

Fadnavis said at the request of CM Uddhav Thackeray, that he had decided to give the new government a chance, but doubted it would last. “A coalition of parties with ideological differences has not lasted nationwide. NCP can join anyone but Shiv Sena and Congress has strong ideological differences, he said.

Fadnavis said Sena had made up its mind from before not to go with BJP, and the break-up had little to do with the CM’s post. “It appears that Shiv Sena had decided from the beginning to go with other parties. In fact, an NCP MLA had said that after the elections, Sena-NCP and Congress would form the government. ”After Sena insisted on sharing the CM’s post, Fadnavis said he made many efforts to resolve the issue and sort out the communication gap. But his calls were not received and requests for a meeting were ignored. “Later I realized they had decided to sideline BJP and go with other parties. But this is a betrayal of the people’s mandate, ”he said.

Questioned on the churn within BJP, especially the unhappiness expressed by OBC leaders like and, Fadnavis said Munde had issued a clarification and much of the issue was a media creation. “The BJP has given the biggest platform to the OBC community. Of the 105 MLAs who won this election, 37 are from the OBC community. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi belongs to the OBC community, ”he said.