The teams train while the beautiful game descends to the farce

BENGALURU: Hundreds of young children who had lined up for the state soccer team selection saw that the beautiful game was replaced by violence in a BDFA Super Division league match in the Bangalore football stadium on Saturday.

Fans of FC Bengaluru United they felt that they stole a victory even when Kickstart FC Supporters held a 2-2 draw in dim light. FCBU players surrounded the referee after the final whistle and players, including substitutes and team officials, almost hit the referees and officials of the Bangalore District Football Association (BDFA) while shouting and Pushes continued even when the teams put on the costumes. rooms.

The high-voltage action also saw irate fans and players venting their frustration and by the end of it there were nearly half a dozen broken chairs near the FCBU bench. This after few Kickstart FC players celebrated wildly after the equalizer and resorted to provocative gestures.

Earlier, a spectator threw a chair at a club official sitting in the stands a few steps below. He missed the target and an old spectator sitting nearby almost carried the weight with the object that missed him by centimeters.

It was the third consecutive draw for Kickstart, after an enthusiastic start that saw them publish great victories in their first four games and the last deadlock came with the team getting the tie in additional time after falling 0-2 in the second half .

Lights on, lights off

Pattern Mohammad Asrar Rehber put the FCBU forward turning a penalty in the 54th minute and three minutes later fed forward Amey Bhatkal, who put his side 2-0 ahead. Kickstart withdrew one in the 64th minute through Nigerian Uzochi Emmanuel. But they couldn't find the equalizer during regulation time and the fourth referee soon showed the board to add seven minutes. According to experts, there were not many stops to justify such an addition to game time.

When the light quickly faded, the stadium lights went on but it went out in a matter of minutes after a senior official shouted instructions and the officials realized the mistake. The final whistle blew after Kickstart equalized after a corner kick and by then the additional time, which included a three-minute stop to turn off the lights, lasted almost 11 minutes.