The man who runs this country believes in violence, indiscriminate power: Rahul Gandhi

WAYANAD: Launching a scathing attack against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Leader Rahul Gandhi On Saturday he said that the reason for the collapse of institutional structures is because the man who runs this country believes in violence and indiscriminate power.

There is a reason for the collapse of our institutional structures, a reason why people are taking the law into their own hands. It is because the man who runs this country believes in violence and indiscriminate power, Gandhi said as he addressed the party workers in Sultan Bathery here.

He added: You have seen the increase in violence across the country, illegality and atrocities against women. Every day, we read about some women raped, abused and beaten. Violence against minority communities and hate spread against them.

Añadiendo que hay una razón para el aumento de la violencia, el Leader del Congreso dijo: Leímos sobre la violencia contra los dalit, golpeándolos y cortándoles las armas. Atrocidades contra las tribus, arrebatando sus tierras. Hay una razón para este aumento dramático en violencia. No puedes creer en la violencia y el odio y luego esperar que la violencia y el odio no se propaguen .

Further, he said: There are a revolt among a large number of communities in India. Many different communities are revolting against the government of India. They are revolting against the ideology of Narendra Modi and the RSS.

Hitting the central government for the current economic crisis, Gandhi said: Our greatest strength used to be our economy. Now, our greatest strength has become our greatest weakness. Our GDP used to be 9% during the UPA regime Today is 4 percent, after the way the government changed the way they measured GDP.

So, if you apply the old method of measuring GDP that used to be applied during the time of the UPA, India's real growth rate is 2.5 percent, he said.

In stating that the reason behind the economic slowdown and the increase in violence is due to the failure of the leadership, the former president of Congress said: The Prime Minister does not have a concept about our culture, religion and the way in which this country needs be administered No one who believes in violence can understand this country.

The world used to look to India for direction. Towards Mahatma Gandhi, not violence, love and affection. Today they look at us and say that India does not know how to treat its own women, it does not know how to create employment for its people and the Indian economy is a failure. It is because there is a complete failure of leadership in the country, he added.

El Leader del Congreso arremetió contra la ministra de finanzas de la Unión, Nirmala Sitharaman, por su reciente declaración de que no come cebolla. ajo. ¿En qué mundo está viviendo? ¿Dónde está? Nadie le preguntó qué come. El país le preguntó por qué el precio de las cebollas sigue subiendo .

The country asked why India has the highest unemployment rate in the last 45 years? And the finance minister replies that he doesn't eat onions. It is an absurd situation in the country. The reason for all this is a failure of leadership, he added.