The law minister urges CJI to ensure a mechanism to monitor the rapid elimination of rape cases

JODHPUR: The minister of law urged on Saturday the President of the Supreme Court of India and other high-ranking judges to ensure that there is a mechanism to monitor the rapid elimination of rape cases, saying that women in the country are suffering and distressed and cry out for justice. I would urge the CJI and other high-ranking judges that there should now be a mechanism to monitor the elimination of these cases so that the stature of India as a proud country governed by the rule of law is restored as soon as possible, Prasad said, and secured government funding for it.

The women of the country are under pain and anguish. They are asking for justice, he said.

The minister said there are 704 fast-track courts for heinous and other crimes, and that the government is in the process of establishing 1,123 dedicated courts for POCSO and rape crimes.

In the law on violence against women, we have already established capital punishment and other severe penalties, including the completion of the trial in two months, he added.

He also said that the judiciary of India, be it the Supreme Court, the superior courts or the subordinate courts, has maintained the principles of the rule of law. But, he emphasized, the need to attract more talent in the subordinate judiciary.

We need to reflect more on the attraction of talent in our subordinate judiciary. We should have a good group of talent judges. The time has come that we need to have a greater induction of talent in the judiciary, he said.

The minister spoke at a function for the inauguration of a new building of the Jodhpur .