Tickets to the panoramic view of the Taj Mahal

AGRA: Tourists visiting the city for a panoramic view of the Taj Mahal from a platform across the river he had to disburse extra money on Friday, since the Agra The Development Authority (ADA) made a sharp increase in the entrance fee. The ADA has increased the price to Rs 200 for foreign tourists and Rs 50 for Indian visitors. Previously, Rs 20 was accused of all tourists.

Speaking with TOI, ADA, secretary, RP Tripathi, said: Before, there was only one Rs 20 ticket for everyone, but as of Friday, separate charges have been filed for Indian and foreign tourists, with foreigners paying more.

Tripathi said that on special days, especially seeing the Taj in the light of the full moon, the cost of these tickets will be Rs 200 for Indian tourists and Rs 500 for foreigners.

To see the Taj on a full moon night from inside the premises, Indian tourists have to pay Rs 510 per head and foreigners have to pay Rs 750, he added.

Tripathi said those wishing to get a night view of the Taj Mahal have to currently book a day in advance, while the tickets to view the monument from Mehtab Bagh vantage point is available on the spot.

Another advantage is that there are no restrictions on the number of visitors to Mehtab Bagh. Only eight lots of 50 tourists each are allowed inside the 17th century monument for night observation on full moon nights, ADA officials said.

The ADA has also changed schedules to see the Taj from the point of view of Mehtab Bagh. According to the new schedule, the point of view will be open from 12 p. M. A 7 p. M. On regular days and 12 p. M. At 12 pm on full moon nights. But visitors will have to buy a separate ticket, which will be available from 7 pm.

Previously, the view used to be open to tourists for three hours in the morning, that is, from 7 a.m. at 10 a.m., and three hours at night, that is, from 7 p.m. at 10 p.m.

These decisions were made during a meeting after discussions with local tourism associations, ADA secretary RP Tripathi said, adding: Soon, a separate space for high-value tickets will also be allocated.

Reacting to the surge in prices, the vice-president of Tourism Guild Association, Rajiv Saxena, said, “There is no harm in increasing the ticket prices. This facility will be very useful for visitors landing the city on Friday when the Taj Mahal remains closed. Also, it is good for the visitors, who don't get a chance to see the Taj on moonlight due to restriction on the number of visitors. ”

The new view, developed by the ADA, was opened to the public in Mehtab Bagh in the city on November 16. Built at a cost of Rs 35 lakh, it is located behind the Mughal era monument on the other side of the Yamuna River.