Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan attacks Arhaan for hiding from his marriage and his son Rashami Desai, look

Another episode of Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar it's here. And this time too, the show host, Salman Khan , will share his opinion about everything that happened in the house last week.

In the last advance, Salman asks the contestants if they are playing the task or if they show each other their physical strength. He asks them to go into ugly fights and warns them that this would lead to their exit from the house.

Salman then changes his approach to Arhaan khan . He rebukes him for talking about the outside world at home. Salman asks you to share something about your family and alerts Rashami Desai listen carefully

Arhaan tells Salman that he has parents, sisters and brothers at home. Salman keeps saying 'aur' and then tells Rashami, who is rumored to be dating Arhaan, who is doing all this because he has known her for a long time.

There is talk about the marriage of Arhaan, his son, etc., but in parts. It remains to be seen if Salman is implying that Arhan hides some important facts from his life from Rashami. Check out the teaser:

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Seguramente parece que la superestrella de Bollywood no está de humor para perdonar a los concursantes por sus actos in la casa.

Al igual que las semanas anteriores, hubo peleas locas in la casa debido al desguace del presupuesto de lujo. Hizo que Rashami y Sidharth se metieran in una discusión importante, y más tarde la tarea del presupuesto de lujo también llevó a los concursantes a enfrentarse entre sí.