A man bites the congressman's index finger in Haldwani

NAINITAL: Selling onions at Rs 30/kg is expensive when a man in an attack of rage bit a portion of the left index finger of the party's district secretary general, Nandan Mehra, at Friday's event.

The incident took place when the defendant, identified as Manish Bisht, based in Haldwani, who is just over 30 years old, tried to force entry into the posts that Congress had established near Budhha Park.

While congressional workers claimed that Bisht is a BJP worker and was misbehaving with women in the posts, police said Bisht is unemployed and blames the government for his misfortune.

Witnesses also told TOI that Bisht approached the posts and began shouting anti-Modi slogans. When he was arrested, he began abusing congressional workers.

Ramesh Goswami, Sevadal Vice President of the State Congress and one of the organizers of the event, said: “Bisht also tried to slap one of our workers. When we surrounded him, he bit a part of Mehra's left index finger.

Mehra, meanwhile, said that all he was trying to do was to pacify Bisht. “I was just trying to calm him down when he started abusing all of us. Then, somehow, he managed to grab my index finger and bite it, ”he said.

Bisht was subsequently beaten by several congressional workers. Police arrived at the scene for Mehra's complaint and took Bisht in his custody.

The police told TOI that an FIR has been registered under section 323 (which causes damage on a voluntary basis) and section 326 (which causes serious damage on a voluntary basis by weapons or dangerous means) of the Indian Criminal Code. “Prima facie, Bisht was under the influence of alcohol or some drug. We are conducting your medical exam to determine it. However, we have arrested him and there have also been eyewitness statements, ”said Vikram Rathore, a Haldwani station officer.

Meanwhile, BJP district president Pradeep Bisht said the defendant is not a BJP worker. “It seems that the accused is mentally unstable but is not associated with us in any way. We condemn such acts.