This Karnataka student wrote an exam one day after delivery

BENGALURU: When a senior BSc student entered her university in Sadashivanagar on Thursday afternoon to write an exam, she had books in one hand and her one-day-old son wrapped in a thick blanket in the other. With his mother in tow, Harshita, 20, arrived directly at the exam center from the hospital after giving birth to the girl on Wednesday.

Despite the slight pain, Harshita, a student at HKES Sree Veerendra Patil Degree College, wrote an exam on Tuesday, which was her due date.


The history of Harshita SR shows that the impossible is nothing. While the exemplary willpower of the brave girl stands out, her family and university deserve equal applause for her unwavering support to help her keep her dreams alive. Recently, a photo of the Assam police caring for babies while their mothers wrote the Teacher Eligibility Test went viral. Instances such as these show how a social support structure, starting from home and extending beyond, could make a big difference for many who have the will but not always the means to write success stories. In his determination, Harshita has challenged many to overcome the limits.

When the sandy girl sat down to write, her newborn and her mother were housed in an adjoining room. Every 30 minutes, Harshita, accompanied by an assistant, left the exam room to feed the baby. “I desperately wanted to finish the exam. If I miss this, I will have to wait another year. I studied for the exam in the hospital. My family and the university have supported me a lot, ”said Harshita. He had asked his doctor to discharge her before Thursday at noon so he could arrive on time for the exam.

Motivation for others

For its part, the university did everything possible to help the new mother: tea and cookies were served and frequent breaks were allowed until she completed her work at 5 p.m. We weren't sure if I could write the exam on Tuesday, as it was due date. I had told him that we don't have enough facilities in case of an emergency. But he could not say no to his determination to study. After she gave birth to the baby on Wednesday, we weren't expecting to see her on Thursday, but once again she threw a surprise. You should understand that it is not easy to sit on a wooden bench for three hours, without backing, one day after delivery. His story is definitely motivating for the student community, ”said Macquillin C Moses, director of the university.

Married to a supervisor at Cafe Coffee Day, Harshita wants to apply for a job in government after graduation. She said she would certainly appear for the next newspaper scheduled for December 12.