Meeting in Hyderabad: serious injustice committed with our children, families of defendants say

HYDERABAD: In issuing serious sprays on the police action, the families of the four defendants said Friday that they had been committed a serious injustice. They said it was wrong for the police to kill the four men in a false encounter. The families said their children should have been jailed and punished as judged by the court.

Renuka, 17, wife of Ch Chennakesavulu, 20, one of the defendants, was dejected. She groaned: “It is unfair to kill four people for the murder of one person. Take me to the same place and kill me too. I can not live without him. I want to die

Renuka, who is in her first months of pregnancy, said police personnel arrested her husband with the promise that they would bring him back after being interrogated.

I need to kill my husband when several people who commit similar crimes are in jail and are well fed, tried to know. Renuka has no parents.

Chennakasavulu's mother, Jayamma, was furious. “What was the urgency of killing him? The cops should have taught us one last time if they intended to kill him, he said.

Chennakesavulu, from the Gudigandla village of the Makthal block in the district, was the only one of the four defendants who married.

Main accused Mohammed Areef's mother, Maula Bi, who was inconsolable. “They have killed my son. This is unfair, ”he shouted at his house in Jaklair village. With the villagers by his side, he said police had done something wrong by killing his son.

Another accused Jollu Shiva Father Ramappa questioned the theory of the police meeting and said the details seem incomplete.

“They killed my son. Now, kill all those who committed the same crime throughout the country. I don't approve of the crime my son committed, but I let everyone receive the same punishment, ”he told reporters.

The fourth accused, Jollu Naveen's family refused to talk to the mediators about the murder of their son in a meeting.