Justice done to the vet, let's say matches

HYDERABAD: In supporting the police meeting, the leaders of Congress, BJP, TRS, CPI and Jana Sena, among others, said justice was done to the veterinarian as demanded by the people. The four defendants were killed in an alleged police meeting on Friday.

However, state congressional president Mahila said: “The meetings are not the solution. State and central governments must take measures to prevent crime against women by changing the laws if necessary. Imposition of prohibition, closing of wine shops at 10 pm. the liquor is not sold to minors, the closure of all pornographic sites, fast-track courts that issue a ruling within 30 days from the day of the incident, the strengthening of SHE teams and the creation of a special committee for women's safety will help a lot to improve women's safety, ”he said.

Sharada also urged film actors not to act in films that represent crime against women and vulgarity.

The animal husbandry minister said: “All those who criticized Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for not immediately responding to the veterinarian's rape and murder have now seen the pro-woman side of KCR. This meeting has sent a clear message to the nation that is the number one state in terms of concern for women's safety. The entire nation is looking towards Telangana and this meeting will send chills down the spine of antisocial elements. Activists will always have their own point of view, but even today those accused of the Nirbhaya case are alive in prison. ”

BJP MLA T Raja Singh said the four defendants had no right to live in society. I greet the police for their action. Regardless of caste, creed, religion or race, such measures must be taken against the perpetrators of heinous crimes against women, he said.

This was a case in which such justice was needed. The IPC supports the cause of the women and the four defendants deserved it, said the national secretary of the IPC, K Narayana.

de Jana Sena said that if it is necessary to punish the guilty in public, it must be discussed on all platforms.

While welcoming the meeting, the president and founder of MRPS, Manda Krishna Madiga, said that all those people and leaders of the upper castes should also demand similar justice from the rape and murder victims of the Programmed Caste and Tribes communities. Why fast-track courts are not established to deal with murders and crimes against women in SC and ST communities, he said.