Karun Nair seeks a new beginning

BENGALURU: It's been almost three years since Karun Nair He scored the undefeated epic 303 in a test match against England in Chennai. A lot has happened since then. He has not made another appearance on the national team since March 2017. However, no conversation is complete without a mention of the three hundred, but he is firm that he has advanced and wants his bat to speak again.

We must move forward. Last season I didn't have so many races and I got injured at the wrong time. I was out for a month and that interrupted the season again. I am trying to get stronger this year. All I can do is talk to the bat, said the mid-level batter, who spent most of his 28th birthday on Friday in a match simulation before the inaugural Karnataka season game against Tamil Nadu.

This season with Karnataka's first-order dismissal, there hasn't been much to do for the middle order in limited-limit tournaments, but when the opportunity presented itself, Karun didn't shoot.

In Vijay Hazare he returned 66 races of six innings. He did better in the T20 with 203 races out of eight innings. That said, Karun did well in the memorial Dr (Capt) K Thimmappaiah Cricket tournament at the beginning of the season, scoring 346 races in four games, including a century.

Karun, known for taking the failure calmly, explained: I don't think he has hit enough in the last two tournaments. I don't have enough opportunities to spend time in between. I can't control that because our first-order hitters have done well. While the team is winning, everyone will be happy. I had a couple of opportunities that I didn't take advantage of. Duleep Trophy and Timmappaiah got quite a few runs, so ... I'm happy with the way I'm hitting. I am not worried. Hopefully, I'll have some time in between.

Karun, who will lead the champions in the opening clash, admitted that having played limited-overs Cricket for the past few months, switching formats will be a challenge.

This year is quite difficult. We have done well in the two previous tournaments, but we have not had that kind of rest in which we can have some free time and come back and get going. It is a professional game, so it is time to change our return to this format and start well this season. We have a bit of a new team, but we've been playing together, so everyone is excited.

Opening his campaign against a strong team like Tamil Nadu, Karun said: Sometimes it makes a difference when you play a great team in the first game. Everyone is willing to do it. Having said that, the Ranji Trophy The rules are such that only five teams from the first two groups reach the quarterfinals. It is really important to start the tournament well. It becomes more difficult if you don't start well.