Ashwini Ponnappa hopes to get stronger next season

BENGALURU: With Jwala Gutta , Ashwini Ponnappa brought doubles of Indian women to the forefront. His successful partnership ended in 2016 and Ashwini was established to play with Sikki Reddy. Much has changed in recent years in Ashwini's career, but what has remained constant is his ability to endure the test times, the desire to excel and persist in his sleep.

It is with this willpower that the surprising Kodava is looking towards the next season, leaving behind the obstacles of 2019. It was far from being the best season of Ashwini: in addition to suffering lasting injuries, he also ran out of a trophy. Ashwini and Sikki made a first-round outing in 13 of 20 tournaments and crashed three times in the second round. The only highlight of the season was the two finals the duo made: Hyderabad Open and Maldives International Challenge.

In addition to the test times, he had to withdraw from the international Syed Modi badminton tournament last week due to an injury.

He is not the one who loses sleep due to adversity, Ashwini currently enjoys family time in Kodagu and hopes to return stronger next season.

The season was not easy. We had some difficult games that led us to leave some tournaments early. We also reached the final in two tournaments, so it was a good season. Instead, we will not look back. We hope to do our best, said Ashwini.

Speaking of the injuries that have often linked her career, the 30-year-old said: I have had injuries here and there, but I have always handled and played in some way. In terms of taking a break, dengue in 2018 was the worst. Fortunately, as for injuries I have never had one that has kept me out of the circuit for a long time.

When asked about the last injury on his right knee, Ashwini said: I have to rest for a couple of weeks. I hope to be ready to start training in three weeks.

With the ranking of Ashwini and Sikki at 30, the focus will be on keeping fit in the race to the Tokyo Olympics.

The approach would be to stay free of injuries and be fit to face the last stage of tournaments. It is important to be pain free to play well. Therefore, training intelligently and being wise with my workload is the key. In addition, we will need to have a schedule in which we will seek to play a combination of smaller and more important tournaments, Ashwini explained.

In a rather surprising movement, Ashwini, an artist consisting of the Premier Badminton League , they did not find takers among the franchises and, therefore, will not appear in the 2020 edition.

It is what it is. It is not that the league has assured me that I would be chosen. I really had no expectation of being chosen. I am definitely happy to have time to train and work. Looking forward to make the most of it, as it will be my time, Ashwini explained by missing out on the PBL opportunity.