The young dancers of the city aim to break the social stigma surrounding the skin color with a special performance

In a unique attempt to break social stigma and notions about skin color, a group of dancers has gathered a Bharatanatyam acting based on a narrative that explains the same. To appear at the Rangamandira ADA early next week, the goal is to raise awareness against discrimination based on skin color and tone.

Choreographer Mithun Shyam, of Vaishnavi Natyashala, who is putting together this piece, tells us: “I always wondered why classical dancers continue to be judged by their physical appearance rather than their ability, practice and talent, with respect to their form of dance. If one goes back to the history of Indian dance, you will notice that devadasis and nautch The girls were admired for their art, despite being dark skinned. So, if dark-skinned individuals and dancers were accepted in the past, where and when did the racial stigma that exists today arise? We look forward to answering some of these questions through our production. ”

The dance production - Shyama Sundari - which translates as dark beauty, will be performed in the song Neela Megha Shyama. “The dancers will also bring mythological references through their performances, such as the way Lord Krishna was admired for his skin tone, which made him stand out from the rest. As for the dancers, they are excited not to have to try to clarify their complexion before their performance. It makes them much safer, says Mithun.