Lately there is a lot of interest in shorter movie formats: KM Chaitanya

What started as a unique experiment for Kannada film director KM Chaitanya , has aroused the curiosity of filmmakers, both amateurs and professionals. Three of his extremely short short films have been circulating in film schools and among filmmakers across the country and abroad. Why? Because each movie lasts exactly 30 seconds.

“I was assigned this interesting task of making short videos for an application. Initially, I was perplexed with the idea of ​​trying to present fiction in this format. I spent a week and a half working on the script for my first 30-second movie, Sleep, which plays with the thrill of horror. Stuck and Genes are two of these films that are currently released, each 30 seconds long, ”says Chaitanya.

At a time when much of the visual consumption takes place on one's mobile, Chaitanya feels that experimenting with such a format could not have happened at a better time. “As filmmakers, we often tend to resist having something to do with the mobile. We think of movies in their 16 x 9 format. However, this format requires a rethinking; In fact, it was the opposite of how we visualize the idea of ​​filmmaking. Today, consumption is such that I feel that filmmakers have no other choice, but to go with the flow or risk being left behind. There is also a lot of interest in this type of format lately, since the participants in my talks at the theater and film schools choose these films to dissect them and discover what it means to do them. For the big screen, we tend to stretch a little more and we end up with delays in the script. I feel that this format is a great exercise for all of us to enjoy a good filming, since the writing becomes clear and to the point. And there is the advantage of sticking to a smaller budget while doing so, he says.