It's a coincidence that the Chhapaak trailer is released on World Human Rights Day, says Meghna Gulzar

Next movie Chhapaak protagonist Deepika Padukone It is a story based on a real life incident. The actress is playing the role of survivor of an acid attack in real life, Laxmi Agarwal , in the movie. Manufacturers have decided to launch the advance on December 10, 2019, since the day is recognized as World Human Rights Day .

Speaking of this coincidence, Meghna Gulzar who is directing the movie said: It's a nice coincidence that the trailer of Chhapaak is releasing on World Human Rights Day . The story is about the act of acid violence which violates the life of victims both physically and mentally, thus, taking away their right to life. I couldn't have asked for better synchronicity of the day for the release of the trailer. This actually was not on our mind, but now that this has happened it’s like a higher-order alignment working out and I am extremely grateful for that”.

Apparently, Deepika was the director's best option to portray this real-life character on the screen. Explaining his reasons, Meghna said: For me, Deepika was the perfect person for this role. In the first place, because of her physical appearance, since there is a strange resemblance between her and Laxmi. Also, I saw Laxmi's photo before she was attacked. Secondly, as an actor, the trade that Deepika brings to a movie is very critical for me and for the movie. That was the type of action that was required. I don't think I would have made the movie without Deepika since I don't see who else I could have chosen for this movie.