I like to play two drastically different roles, says Meghana Raj

Mixing between sets is not a new experience for Meghana Raj , who has been part of the Kannada and Malayalam films over the years. But it is the current change between portraying two quite different roles in two different sets that has excited this actress. “I am currently juggling the commitments in two very different films. One is Selfie Mummy Google Daddy opposite Srujan Lokesh and the other is Budhivanta 2 versus Upendra. The first makes me play a typical young mother obsessed with selfies and, therefore, is quite funny in nature. We tend to argue about children who are addicted to phones all the time, but the truth is that it is parents who are the main cause of such behavior, because they are usually the original addicts. In the second, I play a discreet and sophisticated private detective, whose words are well thought out and mature. She transmits her views through measured words and emotions. Therefore, do not move your head or hands too much during a conversation. Interestingly, in real life, I am quite different from both characters. But the fact that I constantly move between series and, therefore, I need to change my whole personality to represent these two extremes, has proved to be a challenge, ”says Meghana. Films of both films are currently taking place in Bangalore.