Thales will present PureFlyt, a new Gen digital booth

TOULOUSE (France): Thales, a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defense, transport and security sector, will present PureFlyt, a flight management system (specifically designed to efficiently manage aircraft in a connected aerospace ecosystem and in increasingly crowded skies.

FMS is the brain of the aircraft, allows flight operation, calculates and delivers flight information to the crew, sets flight parameters and guarantees the orientation of the aircraft as the flight plan progresses and calculates approach procedures and landing.

FMS was developed to free pilots from navigation tasks and help manage the flight path, in accordance with international regulations.

PureFlyt is a new generation of connected FMS that facilitates airline operations. The first essential asset is to be able to connect with data generated by sources other than the aircraft, such as weather information. Currently, pilots monitor the maps fed by the data collected by the team Radar , which offers information that allows safe flights, but by offering access to open-world data, PureFlyt will facilitate the pilots' mission and facilitate the optimized flight. It will be available for service in 2024, both for linefit and retrofitting.

Marko Erman, Director of Technology (CTO), Thales, said that pilots with the right information at the right time increases confidence in the calculated trajectory, improving efficiency and reducing the workload of the pilot in all phases of the flight.

“In fact, with the forecast of the global commercial aircraft fleet to double by 2030, and the use of drones that will grow rapidly, we will be entering an era in which millions of aircraft movements are recorded every day. One of the main innovations that make PureFlyt a game changer in the world of FMS is its ability to take advantage of both on-board and open-world data, such as weather information. By combining the integrity of the FMS and the agility and power of the flight functionalities of the electronic flight bag, the trajectory of the aircraft can be permanently controlled, adapted and improved, resulting in an optimized flight, lower consumption of fuel and increased passenger comfort, Marko told TOI.

He also added that by computing and sharing large amounts of data, PureFlyt will make flights safer, greener, easier to manage for pilots, more profitable for airlines and, all of this, ultimately, for all the benefits of the passengers.

Thales has been present in India for about 65 years, with some 1600 employees in the company's operations in India and its joint ventures. He is also a member of the Rafale team and part of the Mirage 2000 update program.

( The writer was in France at the invitation of Thales. )