Exhausted, the orchestra dancer pauses to take a break, gets shot in the face

AGRA: Six days after a 27-year-old dancer was shot when she stopped to take a break after performing on stage during a village wedding, police arrested a local gram pradhan and her relative on Friday. A video clip of the incident has circulated widely since then.

Sudhir Singh, a 45-year-old gram pradhan from the village of Tikra and his 50-year-old relative, Phool Singh, has been arrested and charged under Sections 212 (harboring offender) and 307 (attempted murder) of the IPC and under The Law of Illegal Weapons.

According to local police, on November 30, Sudhir Singh had hired one for his daughter's wedding, where a group of women were performing on stage. The injured woman has been identified as Heena Devi, who was taken to Lucknow SGPGI for jaw surgery. It is said that he is now in stable condition.

Station Officer (SHO) Subhash Chaurasia of Mau Police said: “After dancing without stopping, the woman felt exhausted and stopped briefly, when Phool Singh started shooting. The lost pellets hit Heena Devi and two other men, Mithlesh and Kamlesh.

The 34-second video filmed allegedly from a mobile phone shows that the woman was hit in the jaw when she stopped dancing. In the video, an unidentified man is heard saying: “... Goli chal jaayegi yeh wins lag jaaye ... kaho toh ek fire ho ... Sudhir bhai maro ek [If this song is played, a bullet. Are you ready for a shot? Sudhir, open fire].

As soon as the unidentified man calls Sudhir to shoot, a bullet hit Heena's jaw, while Mithlesh and Kamlesh, two brothers who were also relatives of the groom, suffered wounds on the wrist and leg, the SHO added.

The sources said that after the incident, police reportedly helped the gram pradhan to finish the show. They, however, did not arrest him. Apparently, the pradhan also helped Phool Singh to flee.

“The two defendants were fleeing. Phool Singh used a gun made in the field to shoot shots, ”said the SHO.

On video: