Ola aims to double the business scale in Australia, New Zealand by 2021

New Delhi, December 6 () The transport company Ola said Friday that it aims to double the business scale in Australia and New Zealand by 2021.

The company announced expanding its presence to 33 locations from 11 cities in these countries in January, and the service implementation is expected to begin next week.

With more than 85,000 registered driving partners, Ola is the fastest growing shared travel player in the region. The company aims to double its scale by 2021, Ola said in a statement.

A company source said the company is looking to double the scale of the business through parameters such as revenue, customers, driving partners and the amount of travel.

Currently, the company provides services in three cities in New Zealand and eight cities in Australia.

Ola said it will be launched in 11 new locations in Australia and New Zealand, with a total presence in 33 cities in the region.

We have seen a phenomenal response to our services in Australia and New Zealand since our launch in February last year. Ola's competitive advantage lies in offering better rates to customers and a better deal for drivers, who earn more with each trip, and bring industry-leading safety technology innovations to the local market, said Simon Smith, international director of Ola.

Ola began his international incursion last year with Australia being the first country to launch. In a few months, Ola expanded its services to the United Kingdom and then to New Zealand in rapid succession.

Recently, Transport for London granted Ola a Private Rental Vehicle (PHV) license and is subsequently starting to board drivers before launching its service in London. The source said Ola will start operating in all new cities in Australia and New Zealand in mid-January. PRS HRS