Shooting on land of farmers who saw body burns

HYDERABAD: It was farmer S Satyam who first saw the body of the veterinarian burning in the underpass of the national highway in the early hours of November 28 and immediately alerted the police. And by the way, it was in the agricultural field of Satyam, the alleged meeting took place on Friday when the four defendants were shot dead.

Of the few acres of farmland that Satyam owns, the meeting took place at the site where its cultivation has failed. A little far, Satyam grows tomatoes. Satyam, who is a trained karate professional and also a milk salesman, told TOI that he was happy that the accused had been killed for the horrible crime they had committed. Women should be taught self defense skills to defend themselves, he said.

On Friday, Satyam left his residence at 5 in the morning to attend to his cattle in his cultivation field, which he arrives by taking the underpass in Chatanpally. But he was stopped by the police almost half a mile from the underpass. They simply told him that an investigation into a murder case is ongoing and that no one is allowed there.

It was at this time, Satyam told the bandobust party that he was the one who alerted the police that fateful day. Despite his pleas, he was not allowed access to the underpass and was told to come after an hour.

After an hour, he left again using another route to reach the field at 7 am. There was a large police gang on the road and in the countryside. “I received a phone call from my friend Ashok when he was milking the cattle. He said there was news on all television channels about the defendant's meeting in the murder of the veterinarian at the same place where he was burned. So, I thought the rapists were killed in the underpass and that's why they denied me access to the underpass, '' Satyam told TOI.

After drinking the milk and leaving, Satyam saw some people standing at the overpass on the national road and looking towards their farm field. “When I asked, they said that the meeting took place in the field of agriculture and that was when I realized that it happened in my field, which is on the other side. I was on this side to milk cattle, '' he said.

Police had sealed the entire area within a kilometer radius before the meeting and increased security coverage after the news about the meeting spread like a forest fire in the village.