Meeting in Hyderabad: after shooting, cookies, applause and crowds

HYDERABAD: It was Zone Zero on Friday when people swarmed around the village in Farooqnagar Mandal de Mahbubnagar. The dark village of 7,000 people on National Highway 44 was bustling throughout the day.

Small crowds arrived early in the morning, but they multiplied shortly after the word of the encounter spread. At 9 in the morning, the entire site of the meeting, an agricultural field, was full of old people, women and teenagers.

While the slogans of CP zindabad and Valiente Sajjanar rented the air, the villagers distributed sweets to the police and to each other and burst cookies. The celebrations continued throughout the day, even when the Cyberabad police commissioner, VC Sajjanar, addressed the media about the circumstances that led to the meeting. The crowd also shouted slogans in praise to Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for providing instant justice to the family of the young veterinarian who was raped and killed. The town is on the Bangalore road, 54 km from Hyderabad.

While the police tried to drive the crowds away, they were helpless as more and more people were entering from several corners of the underground passage of the road where the veterinarian's body was burned by his murderers on November 27 and the narrow road of service. At one point, enthusiastic villagers raised some police on their shoulders and danced. Several others threw flower petals from above on police vehicles transporting Sajjanar and other officials. Some placed flowers in the place where the veterinarian was set on fire in the underpass.

Jhansi, a doctor, and her niece Spoorthi, an engineering student, visited the site and paid their respects to the vet placing flowers. “Delayed justice is justice denied. It is good that justice has been done immediately through this encounter, ”Jhansi told TOI. Spoorthi said: I don't think people who commit such heinous crimes ever change. Therefore, it is better to punish them in this way so that no one else thinks about committing such crimes in the future.

With crowds growing for hours, vehicle traffic on the road was affected. In addition to the locals, many motorists and drivers stopped to take a look at the meeting place, which caused traffic entanglements.

Late at night, the crowds were still heading to the meeting site.