An amazing similarity between the December 1 tweet and the Hyderabad meeting causes a stir online

NEW DELHI: A five-day-old tweet that has an amazing similarity to the Hyderabad meeting began online Friday. Some used the publication to claim that the shootings were planned.

Sir, if you want you can punish them. Take them for a reconstruction of the crime scene to the same place where the victim (sic) was burned and I am sure they will try to escape and I am sure that our police will have no choice but to shoot them ... please, think of a Once, a user wrote by the unverified identifier @konafanclub on December 1 around 5 am, responding to a Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao tweet about the rape and murder of a Hyderabad veterinarian.

The identifier was not available on Friday and an identifier search only shows This account does not exist. But an identifier web file shows that it belonged to a software engineer and had been activated in February 2019.

Users pointed out the common characteristics between the tweet and the way in which the meeting was held. A Yasir Nabi user who uses the name @yaseirrr wrote: Was (sic) the Twitter material used by the police? @Konafanclub, now (sic) the user was not found.

I think the police have taken this tweet very seriously. Thanks @konafanclub for this suggestion, wrote another user Santhosh Shetty @ Santhosshetty13, while sharing a screenshot of the original tweet.

A second identifier with a similar but different username (@ konafanclub1) was activated a few hours after the meeting, sharing several tweets praising the police for their action against the accused.

The place where the defendants are in the case of rape of Hyderabad, a large number of people are giving flowers to the police. # Telangana # Meeting, the anonymous user wrote.