NHRC will investigate the Hyderabad meeting

HYDERABAD: The National Commission (NHRC) will conduct an onsite investigation at the meeting site near the Tondupally tollbooth where police killed four men suspected of raping and killing a young veterinarian.

Taking into account suo motu of the murder by encounter, the NHRC said Friday that it would send a team led by a senior police officer to Telangana to investigate the matter. The team will submit a report soon, NHRC said.

The NHRC also issued a notice to the Telangana police in search of an explanation of the meeting. The commission is of the opinion that this matter should be investigated carefully, he said and requested its general director (investigation) to immediately send the team to conduct an investigation in the field. The sources said the team, headed by an SSP officer, was expected to arrive at the meeting site soon.

The death of four people in the alleged encounter with the police when they were in their custody is cause for concern, the NHRC said in a statement. The commission has already taken into account the increasing cases of rape and sexual assault against women across the country and has sought a detailed report from state governments and police chiefs, as well as from the Ministry of Development of Women and Children of the Union.

The commission said the deceased were arrested by police during the investigation and that a ruling by a competent court had not yet been pronounced. If the people arrested were really guilty, they should be punished according to the law according to the instructions of the competent court, he said.

He said that the right to life and equality before the law were basic human rights recognized and granted by the Constitution.

Meanwhile, People’s Watch and CPRI filed separate complaints with the NHRC to order an investigation into what they called extrajudicial killings by the police.