Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai and the ugly fight of Mahira; the first one calls her personality of 2 rupees

Rashami Desai I take Mahira Sharma The hair extensions and Shehnaz takes it out of his bag. Rashami realizes this and calls Mahira chor. The two fight and accuse each other for stealing things.

Rashami is surprised to see his audacity to open his purse. Mahira and Shehnaz show no remorse and call it an eye for an eye.

Rashami had hurt his finger when Shehnaz tried to snatch a doll and went to a checkup. Asim goes out with Rashami and announces that he has a hair fracture. Hindustani Bhau advises you to file a complaint against her. It will be a no bail order. Shefali and Hindustani Bhau cause Rashami to take strict action against Shehnaz.

Shefali Jariwala, Himanshi, Asim and Arhaan support her and tell Rashami not to let him go. Shefali Jariwala He goes and tells Shehnaz and Mahira what has happened. They tease Rashami and wonder if she can move her hand. They call it drama.

Shefali calls Shehnaz and Mahira shameless people since they don't care if a person gets hurt. Rashami loses his temper and calls Mahira and Shehnaz a 2 rupee mentality and a 2 rupee personality.

In the midst of this war of words, Sidharth comes and brings Mahira inside. Mahira calls Rashami batli. Rashami also goes to the confession room and complains that his finger was damaged for a month and a half. big boss He advises discussing the matter during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.