Everything you need to know about the concept of a kitchen in the cloud.

Mahua Basu, a professor by profession, remembers the old days, when eating out with the family was an occasional affair. The happiness of going out and enjoying a meal seemed like a heavenly experience. But long lines and unnecessary waiting often ruined the zeal of celebration. But with the advent of technology, going out to dinner actually turned out to be so simple and easy. Not only that, now you can also enjoy the same food in the comfort of your home.

Like her, Divya, a corporate professional based in Bangalore, feels that technology has made life so simple. Especially, the mere idea of ​​cooking an elaborate meal can be so disconcerting at times and the ease of ordering food during those moments is no less than a blessing. Apart from that, the concept of going out to dinner has also greatly improved in recent years. From personalized offers to preference-based recommendations, technology has taken the concept of eating to a completely different level!

In recent decades, the food service industry has undergone a paradigm shift in terms of changing the ancient rituals of going out to dinner to introduce consumers to the world of food delivery applications and improvise the backend to manage Consumers in a much better way. and in a personalized way. The advent of technology has really changed the culinary landscape of the food service industry.

What is a kitchen in the cloud?
The concept of a kitchen in the cloud has literally changed the way of the food service industry by placing customer preference and convenience at the highest priority. Gone are the days when going out to dinner was a difficult task, in which the experience was only achieved after going through long lines and lots of traffic. The concept of cooking in the cloud gives you the privilege of enjoying your favorite food also without making great efforts. The best thing about this emerging concept is that you can experience exactly the same goodness of food in the comfort of your home. But the question arises how it works.

How does a kitchen in the cloud work?

We often focus on food, its taste, quantity and price, but what we often overlook is the effort required to present the food in a much better way. In fact, for most of the professionals who work cooking at home after a long hectic day it is no less than a pain and that is where the need for a kitchen in the cloud comes into play. The kitchens in the cloud are based on the center and radio model, where food is prepared in a megacentrifuge and delivered to homes, offices and outlets through delivery aggregators and applications, according to preferences and demand the client's.

Cooking trends in the cloud

As people become increasingly health conscious, the focus of most kitchens in the cloud has changed from just providing food to providing the best of healthy foods. Lately, an emerging trend of cloud kitchens can be seen in commercial places and offices, where most people end up eating food they don't want, but the shortage of quality food often leads to this pattern of unhealthy consumption .

“We spend most of our time at work, and no matter how aware of your health, life and stress oriented to the deadline often make it difficult to control dietary patterns. In fact, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are the breeding ground for various lifestyle disorders. This ancient way of eating out has changed with the advent of the commercial cloud kitchen concept, in which employees have the privilege of choosing what they eat and when they eat. This not only improves the food experience, but the touch of personalization with a combination of health takes the experience to a completely different level, ”says Philippe Guillemot, global CEO of Elior Group.

In addition, he adds: The best thing about a concept of cooking in the cloud is that it allows the consumer to choose the food they want to savor also according to their preference on the palate. One can customize a meal by choosing their preferences on the platform. In addition, this concept also allows one to decide what they want to eat and when they want to eat and a commercial cloud kitchen provides the same experience to their table, while busy working. As a global actor, the central focus of being a pure game food service provider has always focused on food quality and maintaining control over the nutritional aspect. As our body needs maximum nutrition during the day to stay productive throughout the day. Therefore, it is not just about eating, but about eating healthy and nutritious. ”

Another trend that has shaped the concept of cooking in the cloud has been the idea of ​​customization. Chef Anshu Raj, founder of CATERSPOINT, shared that the concept of a kitchen in the cloud is very popular these days. Everyone has appreciated it, including the style and the way it works. Most consumers feel that the success of the kitchen in the cloud can be attributed to customization, transparency, hygiene and premium packaging.

In fact, as demands for consumers increase, entrepreneurs become more flexible to meet them. The future of cloud kitchens will be to follow the consumer everywhere and offer more happiness.