MP CM Kamal Nath writes to PM Modi, requests MSP support for coarse grains

BHOPAL: Chief Minister Kamal Nath last week he sent a letter to the prime minister Narendra Modi , requesting MSP (minimum support price) for traditional coarse grains, some of which, such as kodo-kutki, are grown by tribes in the state.

In the letter dated November 29, the prime minister wrote: Nutritious cereals are important food crops that meet the nutritional needs of large sections of the population and also promote sustainable agriculture through low water requirements.

The letter argued that the Union Ministry of Agriculture announces MSP for several crops that include cereals as an otter. However, MSP's support for nutritious cereals is through the Union's Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution under the food subsidy scheme, argued CM Nath. This scheme does not consider surplus delivery of coarse grains in the central pool as in wheat or rice, he said.

According to the provisions of PM-AASHA (Pradhan Mantri Annasaata Aay SangraksHan Abhiyan), the differential payment of prices for crops such as oilseeds does not cover nutritious cereals. The willingness to guarantee a minimum price of support for nutria cereal farmers has not been properly addressed and current interventions are inadequate, said the letter from CM Nath.

It was further argued in the letter that, in the absence of specific interventions, traditional areas of coarse grains can become other food grains, which affects agricultural diversity and promotes the increase of high-wheat and rice content reserves.

The letter from CM Nath added: I request that you review the current procurement support policy for coarse grain farmers, either by including it under PM-AASHA as oilseeds or by modifying the support of the coarse grain food subsidy scheme to The pair of wheat and rice.