Kahaan Hum Update Kahaan Tum, December 6: Sonakshi slaps Tapasya; Pooja is safe

In the last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum , Sonakshi and others are in the hospital Rohit tries to pacify Sonakshi. Naren returns with blood from the bank and everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Rohit tells everyone that Pooja is now stable and should be fine soon.

Just then Tapasya enters with a police official and asks Dr Rohit about information that they have got regarding a suicide attempt case in their hospital. Sonakshi tells police that her mother Siman Rastogi is hospitalized since she is a heart patient and is in ICU.

Sonakshi and others get worried when they see Suman and Pari at the hospital. Sonakshi gets tensed seeing her mom and starts repeating what she had said earlier. She gives an indication to her mother Suman and tells her what she has told the police. Suman and Pari hide themselves in a room.

Tapasya turns to see who is around but finds nobody. She then asks Sonakshi she had never mentioned Pooja's name. Sonakshi makes another story and the police leave.

Rohit 's mother thanks Sonakshi and just then Tapasya returns. She warns Sonakshi and starts abusing her family. Sonakshi slaps Tapasya and asks her to stay away from her family. Tapasya rages in anger and Sonakshi slaps her again.

After Tapasya has left the hospital, Suman and Pari come out of the room. Sonakshi feels that Pari is hiding something but Rohit deviates her attention and everybody goes to meet Pooja.

Rohit asks Pooja why she did such a thing and says she is loved by them and is an important part of their family. Pooja calls out for Sonakshi and extends her hand to hold it but Nishi enters and stops Sonakshi from meeting her daughter.