Beyhadh Update December 2, 6: MJ wants to meet the mysterious person in the lives of Rudra and Rishi

The last episode of Beyhadh 2 starts with Rudra and Rishi discussing about a bracelet. Rishi asks Rudra about his girlfriend Ananya and the latter says she is not his girlfriend.

Ananya comes to Rudra ’s house and has breakfast with MJ and his family.

Rudra goes to a fish market as per Maya’s instructions. He gets a call from Ananya, when Maya enters the scene and dips his phone in tub full of fish.

Maya tells him no phone during work. Rudra is angry and is about to leave. Maya reminds him that her doors will be closed forever if he leaves.

A woman hands over Rudra a ‘tokri’ full of fishes. Maya informs that the fish was bought for Rs 3000 and he has to show his skills by selling it for Rs 5000.

On the other side, Ananya reveals in front of Rishi that his brother Rudra has sold himself for 3 days to crack a deal.

Rishi has bought an expensive bracelet worth Rs 5 lakhs for Maya. MJ wonders who is the girl?

MJ drops Ananya at her office and he wants to know about Rudra ’s association with the unidentified person. Ananya doesn’t want to reveal. MJ calls one of his assistants and orders him to track Rudra ’s every move.

Rudra smartly sells the fish at a higher rate by telling customers love stories about fish. He hands over the money to Maya.

MJ and his family learn about Rudra selling fish. Rudra comes home and feels insulted by hearing MJ’s words. Maya has made his news viral.

MJ feels that something is not right.