Wave of change sweeps Chandigarh

International Volunteer Day saw the project 'SDG Agents of Change' in 25 Chandigarh schools. Sustainable Development Goals , also known as global objectives, were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, with the aim of ending poverty and protecting the planet and peace by 2030. Organized by the NGO Yuvsatta in collaboration with the State AIDS Control Society of Chandigarh and the New School Peace Club Publicly, the program was a reminder to sensitize young people about the various objectives and invited them to undertake projects related to the mission.

Mahavir Singh, SLSA member secretary said: There was a real need to raise awareness about sustainable development goals among the younger generation. Abdul Hamid Raheem He talked about how he has responded to the call of the times by addressing the cause of the environment, education, medical care and entrepreneurship throughout the country. Hamid had planted millions of trees in the cashmere valley to protect the green cover of the valley. I think he should give back to society what he earns, he said. yuv2

Students and teachers from 25 schools that had attended the SDG orientation were excited to be part of the project. Later, students and teachers devised a strategy to implement an action plan.