Meeting in Hyderabad: families of defendants in total shock

HYDERABAD: The families of the four accused of rape murder were surprised to hear the news of the death of their pupils at a police meeting on Friday with a grieving father asking if his son deserved that treatment.

Mohammed Arif (26), Jollu Shiva (20), Jollu Naveen (20) and Chintakunta Chennakesavulu (20), all truck workers, were arrested on November 29 for allegedly raping a 25-year-old veterinarian, killing her by suffocating her and finally burning her body.

The four were killed in a meeting on Friday morning when they took arms from the police and shot at the police and tried to escape.

Key accused Arif's mother that he had no words and could only say that his son was gone.

Arif's father had previously said that his son deserved the toughest punishment if he was guilty.

Chennakeshavulu's afflicted wife, Renuka, said the police should also kill her, since she is now alone. They got married recently.

They told me that nothing would happen to my husband and that he would return soon. I do not know what to do now. Please take me to the place where my husband was killed and kill me too, he said.

Jollu Ramappa said his son Shiva could have committed the crime, but he did not deserve such an end.

Many people committed rapes and murders. But they were not killed in this way. Why did they not receive such treatment? Ramappa asked when the mediators sought their reaction.

The locals said that the four defendants belonged to economically weaker families with little literacy, but that they earned well and led a generous lifestyle by spending on liquor and others.

Arif, from the town of Jakler in the Narayanapet district of Telangana, had worked on a local gas pump before becoming a truck driver. Chennakeshavulu was also a truck driver from the same village, while Shiva and Navin worked as cleaners and belonged to the village of Gudigandla in the Narayanapet district.

According to people who know them, Chennakeshavulu suffered from kidney disease.

The parents could not control them because they had no education. But they were winning well and there was no responsibility. Alcohol consumption was allowed from an early age, said a resident of Makthal.