Update from Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, December 6: Jinn takes human form

In the last episode of Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Saira says A man that someone shot her and Aftab's video. She cries and tells A man that she was scared and Roshni helped her come out from the situation. A man feels guilty for his behaviour. Salma blames A man of treating her daughter badly. A man remembers the time he spent with Roshni and gets emotional. His family tries to calm him down and tells him that he has to rectify his mistake.

A man 's dadi tells him to get Roshni back home. A man goes to get Roshni and sees Salma sitting outside the house. A man informs her that has come to get Roshni . Salma tells A man that Roshni left the house and has gone somewhere. A man gets shocked knowing that Roshni has run away from her house. Salma cries and everyone tries to calm her. A man drives fast and gets angry at himself for being rude with Roshni and ill treating her. He damages his car and vents out his anger.

On the other hand, Rakh jinn helps Jinn escape. After leaving captivity, the genius takes the human form and takes the reliquary. Parveen, who is scared, leaves the house and sees Rakh Jinn lying on the floor. She realizes that geniuses have escaped. They try to call Tabeezi and worry about her.

A man reaches home and tells everyone that they will not search for Roshni . He says that he is not in love with Roshni and she was never his wife. On the other hand, Tabeezi gets shocked to know that Jinn has taken human form.