Low conviction rate, late polls behind public jubilation over Hyderabad meeting: experts

NEW DELHI: The low conviction rate, evidence of delay and prolonged trials result in 70% of rape cases being left unattended in the judicial system and this, according to experts, explains public jubilation over the murders of The four defendants in rape and murder. from a veterinarian from Hyderabad.

People who applaud police action show a loss of faith in existing systems, they said.

In the early hours of Friday, the four defendants in the case of rape and murder of the 25-year-old veterinarian were killed in an exchange of gunfire with the police when they were taken to the crime site to rebuild the crime. said Hyderabad police.

The defendants, who were not handcuffed, were shot dead in retaliation after they snatched police weapons and opened fire in an attempt to escape, Cyberabad Police Commissioner C V Sajjanar told reporters.

Hours after the incident, a chorus of opinions emerged, some praising the killings of meetings and others demanding an investigation into the matter.

Government data shows that obtaining justice is a lengthy process for rape victims.

According to the latest report (NCRB), the conviction rate in cases of rape in the country was as low as 32.2% in 2017.

The total number of rape cases that went to trial in 2017 was 1.46,201, but only 5,822 of them were convicted.

What is perhaps more worrying is that, although the conviction rate in cases of rape has increased marginally in recent years, the rate of filing of charges has decreased, which means that the cases do not go to court.

The charge collection rate in cases of rape fell to 86.6 percent in 2017 from 95.4 percent in 2013, the NCRB report shows.

Police personnel at the field level need to be strengthened. They are mostly poorly equipped, inexperienced, power comes to their head and in most cases they are extremely corrupt.

A sub-inspector is the highest level officer who presents a charge sheet, so one can imagine the quality of the content, said Shilpi Jain, who was the defense attorney in the Alwar rape case, in which a foreign tourist He was raped by, the son of Odisha BB Mohanty's former police chief.

Similarly, prosecutors who handle cases at the district level are low caliber and less motivated, he said.

All of these factors make up a poorly investigated case that results in a low conviction (rate), he added.

Telangana police, who were in the line of fire until Thursday, suddenly became the fast justice cartel on Friday. They were bathed with flower petals and chocolates by the public in Hyderabad.

Nirbhaya's family, who died after being raped and brutalized by six people in New Delhi in 2012, also praised the meeting.

Dr. Nimish G. Desai, director of the Institute of Human behavior and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), said that none of the reactions expressed by sectors of society surprised him.

These reactions, he said, come from a loss of faith in existing systems and the belief that vigilantism is the only way out.

The anguish, frustration and impotence of society make people believe in vigilantism and make them celebrate things like lynching. The immediate retribution is the basic streak of society.

The cops ... when they become the (ridiculous) target of social ridicule and malignancy, it makes them succumb to pressure and repeated attacks on social networks and television channels triggers them even more. Cumulative collective anguish makes people, even politicians, compromise objectivity. the answers become emotional, he explained.

However, concerns remain about the legitimacy of what many have described as extrajudicial killings that can set a horrible precedent.

Many described the encounter as an instance of murders in custody carried out by lighters in khaki.