Shweta Tripathi conducts a workshop for LGBTQ students

Shweta Tripathi performed a performance workshop for aspiring film students belonging to the LGBTQ community recently. The objective of the independent workshop was to promote an inclusive environment. The actress discussed several working methods and how roles should be addressed. She advised them to look for parts that would help them channel their feelings.

Shweta was happy with her experience at the workshop as she got to interact with vibrant, young people aspiring to be actors and writers. They also discussed her work with them. The actress had earlier said that she works on her characters and tries to make them each distinct from the other. It also becomes a challenge when she has to enact a role that is completely different from her. She considers ' Gone kesh 'one of his most responsible films, since he had to play the role of a girl who loves to dance but is diagnosed alopecia areata .