Exclusive: Splitsvilla 8's fame, Harshita Kashyap says: Stalker's sister begged me not to submit a FIR since they are poor

A former Splitsvilla contestant Harshita Kashyap He raised his voice and sent his stalker behind bars to stalk and attack. The actress spoke exclusively with TimesofIndia.com and revealed that this is not the first time they harass or harass her.

Harshita, 26, and her friend were returning home from a hospital and were assaulted in broad daylight around 3 p.m. by a 29-year-old man nearby Charni Road railway station .

The man identified as Shahrukh Sheikh is behind bars at this time and Harshita says: “We realized that he was following us and looking at us wrongly. At first, we thought about ignoring him, but he followed us. When my friend faced him, he replied: If I am looking at you, what is the problem? Suddenly, he attacked my friend and fought him. He started fighting with us and by then the people noticed us and approached to help. The police came and told us to go to the Churchgate police station. I didn't want to let it go. It took us 5 to 6 hours to present a FIR TREE .”

Harshita adds: “I was also thinking about the repercussions. My parents were worried. I live alone. What happens if the man comes later? All these things caught my attention. I thought about letting go. But if I let it go, these things will not stop. When the man attacked and slapped us, he was sure that usko kuch nahi hoga. I also have scratches.

While the unfortunate incident took place at noon, Harshita says the stalker's sister and some other men arrived around 7 p.m. To the police station. She says: Her sister was not aware of what had happened and the police did not want to see my face for my safety. The sister met me and began to apologize. She said they were poor and not privileged. When I narrated his entire incident, she fell silent. I said: If I have the privilege, it does not mean that I do not need justice. He felt guilty. The person is a bartender and when he was searched, bottle openers were found. He wore all the black clothes.



Harshita also reveals that it is not the first time she was harassed. She said: I don't know if there is a connection, but since July I have been receiving harassment calls and lewd messages. I changed my numbers and they stopped for a while. He started again with different numbers calling me. I could not change my WhatsApp number for professional reasons. After changing my regular number, I started receiving WhatsApp calls. But since last night (December 5), I have been receiving those calls again. I also tried to verify the number, but they were all spam numbers. I went to the police station and they advised me to change the numbers. It is quite confusing. I feel like someone I know is doing this. ”


Here Harshita also mentions that, “While people could think and judge by saying that we were not dressed properly, let me clarify that I was wearing a full-sleeved shirt and sports pants and no makeup. This is not related, but there are people who tend to judge an actress about what they were wearing and if we invited unwanted attention. The incessant calls of unknown numbers already bothered me, after this incident, I felt it was time to address the problem.

Inspector B. Pawar of Churchgate GRP said that the defendant had been arrested after filing a crime against the defendant under sections 354 (a), 354 (b) and 323 of Indian Criminal Code .