The exciting journey of Fatima Sana Shaikh to Macao


Women-only tours are on the rise from India and recently Bollywood actress Fatima Sana Shaikh traveled to Macao to experience several offers that the fascinating destination she had to offer independent traveling women.

Actress Dangal's trip to Macao exposed her to various experiences and attractions, gastronomic, historical and cultural diversity.

Exploring the true heart of Macao, a melting pot full of gastronomic, historical and cultural wealth, Fatima began her Macau moments by exploring the various art forms in the 'Art Macao', a mega festival of cultural and international art that exhibits numerous paintings. , sculptures, multimedia presentations that will take place until October in various places in Macao.

She visited some of the iconic monuments of Macau, such as the UNESCO heritage site Ruins of St. Paul, one of the oldest religious temples in A-Ma and a 3,700-square-meter public square in the Historic Center of Macau called Senate Square.


Macao is a safe destination that makes it ideal for solo or group trips. Fatima also delighted with her taste buds and enjoyed the famous Portuguese Macau egg tarts and an excellent dinner at the Golden Peacock Indian restaurant, awarded with a Michelin star.

Home to a variety of internationally revered events and entertainment festivals around the world, Fatima was stunned and hypnotized by the performance of the artists while watching the show 'The House of Dancing Water', the award-winning written water-based Macau show and directed by Franco Dragone


The actress took a bit of rejuvenation and spoiled herself with a spa session. He also enjoyed his shopping spree in several boutiques and branded stores located in various parts of the city. In addition, showing his reckless side, he bravely tried the AJ Hackett Skywalk at a height of 764 feet above the Macau Tower.


Macao is known as the city of duality, as tourists can experience European and Asian culture and architecture in a single destination. The city also offers world-class elements, from luxury to fun attractions, shopping opportunities, international cuisine and world-renowned spas. The city is also easily accessible from India and is known as one of the safest destinations in the world. All these factors make it an ideal destination for Indian women who want to enjoy a fun and stress-free vacation.

The city is also visa free for Indians, which makes it an ideal quick vacation getaway. The glimpses of your trip will give you travel goals and they want you to experience Macao in your own style.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) by the Brandwire team of Times Internet.