Mizoram enacts an NRC-style law to control the influx of illegals

AIZAWL: The government led by (MNF) enacted a regulation similar to the NRC and sought the approval of the Union government to detect foreigners and curb the infiltration in the northeastern state that borders Myanmar and Bangladesh.

A senior official from the Mizoram prime minister's secretary said Friday that the prime minister met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday and asked him to approve the central government for the Mizoram Home Maintenance Bill, 2019.

The bill aimed to identify illegal aliens and control infiltration in Mizoram. It would also help the government maintain the internal situation of law and order, protect indigenous peoples and genuine residents of the state, the official said.

He said the bill similar to the NRC (National Citizens Registry) was unanimously approved by the state assembly on March 18 and then sent to the Governor, who referred it to the central government for approval.

The official said: The bill seeks to create an inventory containing the names and other necessary details, including photographs, of each inhabitant of the state to facilitate the detection of foreign citizens who remain illegally in Mizoram. The proposed comprehensive database of residents would also help stop diverting the benefits of development schemes to ineligible people.

The influx of foreigners and their mix with genuine permanent residents have led to an unusual increase in the population of the border state and represents a threat of law and order.

As Mizoram shares a border with Myanmar and Bangladesh, the illegal influx of foreigners and the smuggling of large-scale drugs and various contraband into the state across porous borders has remained a serious concern for several decades.

The MNF, which is a component of the Northeast Democratic Alliance (NEDA) led by the Bharatiya Janata Party, has strongly opposed the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) which apprehended that indigenous peoples would be further marginalized.

Mizoram has an unenclosed international border of 404 km with Myanmar and 318 km with Bangladesh. While the Border Security Force monitors the border of Bangladesh, the border with Myanmar is secured by it.