CAB, NRC against the basic principles of the Constitution: Mamata

KOLKATA: The Center on the Citizenship Bill (Amendment), which is expected to be submitted on December 9, and its proposal for an NRC pan India, Prime Minister was closed Mamata Banerjee On Friday, he said both were against the basic principles of the Indian Constitution.

Claiming that at least 30 people have committed suicide in the state due to panic by the NRC, Banerjee said in a secular country like India, citizenship can never be granted for religious reasons.

But if citizenship is granted to each and every refugee, regardless of religion and community, Banerjee said, she would support the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB).

The bill seeks to grant citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, countries and Christians who have fled Afghanistan , Bangladesh and Pakistan after the religious persecution there, after six years of residence in India.

The CAB, when approved by Parliament, will amend the Citizenship Act of 1955.

Both the NRC and the CAB were being used to divert people's attention from the ongoing economic slowdown in the country, said Banerjee, the TMC supreme also said as he headed for a party rally here.

The NRC and the CAB are two sides of the same coin. They will oppose them with nails and teeth, the prime minister said.

Lok Sabha approved the CAB earlier this year, but expired with the end of the previous Lok Sabha.

You (BJP) can pass CAB in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as it has a majority. But we will not accept it and oppose it until the end. There can be no differentiation based on religion. India is a secular country, she said.

Referring to the recent Unnao incident in Uttar Pradesh, where a rape victim was set on fire, Banerjee said the BJP state government had not provided security to the victim.

Both the Hyderabad and Unnao incidents are shameful. My heart bleeds for the victims. There should be strict laws to deal with such crimes, the prime minister said.