Global media provides outstanding coverage to police action in the case of murder for violation of Hyderabad

WASHINGTON/LONDON: The death of the four defendants in the rape and murder of a young veterinarian in Hyderabad On Friday he received outstanding coverage in the global media that highlighted the enormous public support while calling attention to concerns about alleged extrajudicial executions.

The four men arrested on November 29 for allegedly raping and killing the 25-year-old woman by suffocating her and then burning her body were shot dead by police on Friday during an exchange of gunfire near dawn. Hyderabad said a senior police officer.

In a detailed report, he said the deaths sparked praise in some neighborhoods of a country that has dealt with a series of horrible crimes against women and girls. But activists and lawyers said the shots had the hallmark of extrajudicial executions.

Police killings of suspected criminals are so widespread in India that they have their own terminology. Such incidents are known as murder by encounters, and the officers involved generally declare that they acted in self-defense. But activists say that, in practice, police officers enjoy widespread impunity and that the murders are not followed by thorough investigations, according to the report.

Calling it one of the most worrying rape cases in India in recent months, he said the chilling incident came to a sudden and shocking end on Friday.

Officers are hailed as heroes, and residents who crowded the streets of Hyderabad to celebrate what they saw as an act of quick retribution for a horrible crime. Many people took to the streets on Friday to celebrate that traffic stopped, he said.

The charred remains of the woman were found near an underpass on the road on November 27, which caused outrage and protests in several major cities, such as Bengaluru and New Delhi. Many of the protesters carried banners and sang slogans demanding the death penalty for suspects, CNN reported.

The news of the police action has been celebrated widely in social networks. Many went to Facebook to applaud the police, saying they had delivered justice, the BBC wrote.

Rape and sexual violence against women have been in focus in India since the group rape and murder in December 2012 of a young woman on a bus in the capital, Delhi. But there have been no indications that crimes against women are declining, the British public broadcaster said.

The rape and murder case sparked a wave of public vitriol throughout India, with thousands of people who took to the streets in protest during the week and calls from politicians and the public for men to be lynched, he said in his report.

The murder of the suspects proved highly divisive in India, and some celebrated it as quick justice, while others condemned the police who seemed to take the law into their own hands, he said.

High-profile cases of violence against women have provoked fury in India. Thousands of people took to the streets across the country on Monday to protest the brutal attack on Hyderabad , said The Telegraph.

Activists have called for rape cases to be accelerated through the harshest courts and sentences, he said.

Hundreds took to the streets in protest throughout the country demanding justice. The men were unable to appear in court after crowds surrounded a police station, demanding that they be handed over to be lynched, the British newspaper The Times reported.