Congress plans big for Kamal Nath's year of government

BHOPAL: Congress is making a great plan to celebrate the first year in office. The party and the government plan to highlight the promises fulfilled by the government in the last year.

A function would be performed in Bhopal on the occasion when the party would launch a brochure highlighting its achievements. The party plans to invite central leaders on the occasion. At the district level, party leaders would inform people about the achievements. The state government would also publish its 2025 vision document on the occasion.

The government would focus area priorities on the vision document, including infrastructure, industries, education, job creation and security. Nath held a meeting on Wednesday and asked senior officials to finalize the vision document based on government priorities. The departments have been asked to submit their performance report.

The vice president of media for Congress said the government has fulfilled more than 110 promises made in it. Upon completion of one year, the people of the state would be informed of the achievements of the government.

Official sources said that among the promises fulfilled are mainly those in which not much money was required since the government is hungry for cash.