Bangalore: New runway starts operating at Kempegowda International Airport

BENGALURU: Friday night marked a milestone for the (KIA) in Bangalore with the first flight taking off from (NSPR) at 4:37 p.m. The first flight that took off from the new runway was from Bangalore to Hyderabad, which took off from the second runway at 4.37 p.m. on Friday.

After receiving the necessary regulatory approval from, the New South Parallel Track (NSPR) officially began operating on Friday night.

With the operationalization of the new runway, Bengaluru Airport has become the first in the country to operate independent parallel runways, allowing the planes to land and take off simultaneously on both runways.

Initially, the second runway will begin operating with limited landings and takeoffs before gradually increasing flight operations.

Unlike the existing runway, the new runway is equipped with CAT III B technology, which allows pilots to land flights in extremely low visibility conditions (up to 50 meters). However, initially, the new track will operate with CAT I certification and progressively evolve to CAT III B, as operations stabilize.

It's a historic day for us at BLR airport when we begin operations on the new runway, said Hari Marar, managing director and CEO of Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), operator of BLR airport. “Our first track opened 11 years ago and became a key piece for the economic development of the region during the last decade. With the aviation industry in India prepared for exponential growth, two operational tracks will provide the necessary thrust to meet this demand and further strengthen the growth of Karnataka and India. The opening of this key infrastructure is the result of a phenomenal collaboration between several stakeholders and the implementation of processes and procedures developed through simulations and advanced evaluations. The new runway will further strengthen our vision to transform the BLR airport into the new gateway to India, he added.

The new track will be coded RWY 09R/27L, while the existing track will be renamed RWY 09L/27R (from RWY 09/27).

The new track is equipped with dual parallel taxiways, cross-country taxiways and fast-exit taxiways. The new track is also equipped with the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station (ARFF), the latest Fire Shock Contests (CFT) for fire-related emergencies. The existing firefighting squad has also been strengthened by recruiting more than 100 firefighters from all over Karnataka and fire engineers from the National Fire Safety School, Nagpur.