Triumph Rocket 3R presented in India: everything you need to know

GOA: The British premium motorcycle brand Triumph Motorcycles has presented its latest high-performance muscular roadster, the new Rocket 3R in India. This is all you need to know about the world's largest production motorcycle engine:


the Triumph Rocket 3R It is priced at Rs 18 lakh (ex-showroom).


1. the new Rocket 3 R is equipped with the all-new 2,500-cc triple engine, which offers even higher capacity and performance than its predecessor.

rocket 2 rerocket 2 re

2. the engine puts out a peak power of 167 PS at 6,000 rpm, which is 11% up on its predecessor. Mmore power is available from as low as 3,500rpm, and all the way up to a higher red line of 7,000rpm.

3. the Rocket 3 engine also has the highest torque figure of any production motorcycle, with 221 Nm. With an incredibly flat and rich torque curve, reaching a peak at 4,000rpm, it holds maximum torque all the way through the mid-range, delivering effortless acceleration and response in any gear.

4. A new hydraulic slip and assist clutch provides the driver with a light clutch action by reducing lever effort, while the sliding function reduces wheel jump and noise when braking hard.

Rocket re 1Rocket re 1

5. the Rocket 3’s all-new high-performance six-speed helical-cut gearbox is precision-engineered to be smoother, stronger and lighter than a standard gearbox, and is designed specifically to allow for the increased torque capacity of this new generation. Design:

1. With the signature updated LED double headlamp, which includes the Triumph brand triangle mark and the sculpted 3-head exhaust race, the new Rocket 3 has an incredibly stunning posture and posture.

2. the all-new lightweight multi-spoke cast aluminium wheels enhance the muscular contemporary style, with the Rocket 3 R’s wheels featuring a beautiful blacked-out finish.

rocket 3rocket 3

3. the Rocket 3R also comes fitted with Avon Cobra Chrome tyres, developed especially for the new Rocket 3, with an imposing 240-mm rear wheel width. the new tyres have exquisite detailing, and both feature a new tread pattern developed for great grip and high mileage durability.

4. the Rocket 3 gets a well-engineered single-sided swingarm, with offset monoshock suspension and high-value finishing on the bevel box, the stylish internally wired handlebars further reinforce the bike’s muscular feel and commanding riding position with the Rocket 3 R being styled with roadster styled handlebars.

5. the muscular legend comes with a sculpted rider and pillion saddle, featuring cast aluminium finishers under the seat and creating a unique flowing line through the bike. the set-up for each Rocket 3 has been designed to be easily changed from twin to single seat set-up with optional addition of an accessory infill pad available to further enhance the single seat look. the Rocket 3 R features a roadster rider and pillion saddle, with a low 773-mm seat height.

Parts of the cycle:

1. With a weight saving of more than 40 kg, the new Rocket 3 R is more than 13% lighter than the previous generation.

2. the Rocket 3 line-up features an all-new high-specification mass-optimised aluminium frame with an innovative design that contributes to the new Rocket 3’s overall weight saving and provides an incredible torque-to-weight ratio.

3. the new Rocket 3R features a fully-adjustable Showa monoshock rear suspension unit with piggyback reservoir (adjustable rebound, compression and preload), and 47-mm adjustable Showa front forks (with rebound and compression adjustability) to deliver superior riding comfort and exceptional touring capability and handling.

4. Las pinzas Brembo Stylema son pinzas ligeras, compactas y de alto rendimiento, que tienen un volumen más pequeño alrededor de the pistones y las pastillas de freno que cualquier otra pinza enfocada en la carretera, reduciendo el espacio interno ocupado por el líquido de frenos para ofrecer una respuesta de frenado más inmediata.

5. Technology that improves driving, which includes second-generation TFT instruments with illuminated switch hubs, optimized cornering and traction control, four driving modes (road, rain, sport and configurable by the driver), fully illuminated LED, retention control on slopes, cruise control, keyless ignition and heated handles as standard on the GT (heated handles are accessories that fit on the R).