The educational schemes of the center helped to promote the integral development of children: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Several schemes launched by the Center in the field of education have helped not only control school dropout rates but also promote the comprehensive development of children, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi He said Friday.

Addressing Sangathan, Gujarat through videoconference, the Prime Minister congratulated the organization for leading the 'Ekal Abhiyan School' which aims to promote education among children in rural and tribal areas.

The organization runs single-teacher schools (known as Ekal Vidyalayas) throughout India.

Modi We appreciate the volunteers for their role in building the nation by providing education and awareness to more than 2.8 million children in rural and tribal areas who reside in the most remote parts of India and Nepal, said a statement from the Office of the First Minister.

In his speech, the prime minister said that the central government is also working to improve education and skills development in India.

Schemes such as the scholarship for children of the programmed tribe, the model residential schools of Eklavya, Poshan Abhhiyan, Mission Indradhanush and school holidays on the occasion of tribal festivals have helped not only to control school drop-out rates, but also have promoted the integral development of children, he said. .

Congratulating the 'sangathan' for reaching the figure of the schools of a lakh throughout India, Modi He said that working with passion, dedication and commitment makes an impossible goal an attainable one.

He highlighted the fact that the 'sangathan' has been awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize due to his commitment to social service and for being a role model for the whole country.

Modi He suggested that to celebrate the 75 years of Independence in 2022, the 'sangathan' should encourage his schoolchildren to organize parodies, music competitions, debates and discussions to highlight the role of the tribes in the Indian freedom movement.

Competitions can begin this year and be completed with a nationwide competition that covers everything in 2022, he suggested.

He also suggested a Khel-Mahakhumbh (sports festival) of traditional Indian sports.

The prime minister proposed to combine private and public schools in which rural students will learn from their urban counterparts and vice versa.

He said he would push the idea of ​​'Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat'.

Reminding the audience that the day coincides with the anniversary of the death of B R Ambedkar, Modi He stressed that 'Ekal Sangathan' has succeeded in fulfilling Baba Saheb's dream of providing equitable education to girls and boys.