Nithyananda's passport was canceled, new application rejected: India

NEW DELHI: The government has canceled the passport of a self-styled man of God accused of rape Nithyananda even when the Ecuadorian government denied having granted him asylum.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said all Indian missions and posts abroad have been sensitized to inform local governments so they can track it.

We have sensitized all our missions and publications and have told them to inform local governments about it, he said at a press conference.

Nithyananda is wanted in India for multiple cases including alleged rape and abduction.

Kumar said Nithyananda's passport was canceled before its validity was to expire in 2018 and that his application for a new one was also rejected because of cases pending against him.

Asked about reports that Nithyananda declaring founding his own country called 'Kailassa' in his website, Kumar said, Setting up a website is different from setting up a nation.

In a related development, the embassy of Ecuador, in a statement, categorically denied that the Nithyananda was given asylum by it or has been helped by its government in purchasing any land or island in South America near or far from Ecuador.

There were reports that the self-proclaimed man of God bought an island in South America with the help of Ecuador.

It said Ecuador denied the request for grant of refuge by Nithyananda and later on, he left Ecuador presumably on his way to Haiti.

All the information, whatever, which is published in digital and print media in India, is based on the information which allegedly has been sourced from, a website which is supposedly maintained by Nithyananda or by his people, it said.

Henceforth all digital or print media houses should refrain from citing Ecuador in any form in all pieces of information related to Nithyananda, it added.