Arjunn is happy with the response to Abyakto's teaser

The teaser of Arjunn Dutta Debut movie, Abyakto , is out and the director couldn’t have been happier with the feedback coming his way. “I had the teaser ready and knew I would publish it before the film’s release. All this is part of the film’s promotional plan and the trailer will release in some time. So far, the response has been very good. Indrasisda (Acharya) has shared it and a lot of other people showed interest. I will also personally send it to those I know. I haven’t had the time for it as I was very busy with the post-production of my second film, Guldasta, ”he said.nIn both Abyakto and Guldasta, Harp plays fundamental roles and, according to Arjunn, it was not difficult to convince the actress. “He has worked with debuting directors and it was not that difficult. He asked for the story and once he liked the story, he joined. Since then it has been extremely supportive. He also shared the teaser and I'm looking forward to working with her again, ”said Arjunn.

The director said, on the contrary, it was difficult convincing the actors for his second venture. “Guldasta stars Harp di, Swastikadi (Mukherjee) and Debjanidi. It was a little tougher than my first film as every actress is good in the film and their characters had to be etched out evenly. But, in the end, they all like the story and that helped,” said Arjunn, who is heading to Hyderabad for the screening of his short film, The sixth element , in the Bengali movie of Telengana Festiavl soon.