People have come together to fund the Nandikar festival

All 36 th National Theater Festival of Nandikar is set to begin on December 16. Among th e highlights th is year will be th e felicitation ceremony of Nandikar chief Rudraprasad Sengupta . “My fa th er was dead against th e idea of ​​being felicitated at our own festival. But th is year, th e young guns of Nandikar decided th at a diversion be made as th is felicitation is long overdue. Baba will get `50k, but th at money is raised by th e juniors th rough th eir earnings, Saptarshi (Maulik) being a major contributor in th at. In fact, Baba is not even aware of th e amount he is getting, ”said Sohini Sengupta , actor and th eatre director.nSohini said every year, Nandikar gets a central grant of `5 lakh, but th is year, th ere was not even a single discussion on th at. “In dear th of any grant, individuals came forward. My mo th er (Swatilekha Sengupta) and Saptarshi contributed majorly towards th e festival. This th ey did wi th th eir earnings from films and serials. That apart, we found a lot of support in two or th er friends of Nandikar - Bikram Dasgupta and Raj Chakrabarty. So, th e festival is very much underway wi th efforts of individuals, ”said Sohini. Raj’s next, Dharmajuddho, features bo th Swatilekha and Saptarshi, apart from a host of or th er actors from Tollywood.

The festival will begin wi th a performance by Parbati Das Baul and th ere will be at least th ree plays by Nandikar. “There’s a double show of Manush. That apart, Nachni and Panchajanya will be staged at th e festival. Right now, it’s all work for us, ”added Sohini.