Exclusive! Daisy Shah: I'm looking for an original paper

Daisy shah high on the success of his Dhollywood debut, Jayant Gilatar directed «Gujarat 11» . the Actress put in a lot of effort to play the role of a football coach and is enjoying the result of her hard work . the Actress played the lead opposite Pratik Gandhi and Kevin Dave. In an exclusive interview with E-Times Daisy shah spoke about the film's positive reviews and future plans for Dhollywood.

What was the most challenging part for you?

Gujarat 11 is related to football and I have no link to this game. Although I knew a little about the game, perfecting myself for this role was quite challenging. But at the same time it was also fun. It took me almost two months and a lot of practice, but finally I think the hard work was worth it.

Have the members of your family seen the movie?

Yes, they have done it and they liked it a lot.

Has anyone from Bollywood seen Gujarat 11? How were the reactions?

Ameesha Patel I watched the movie and I am very happy to say that he liked it. Although I was not in the city during the premiere of the film, I am sure that a lot of Bollywood stars have already seen it.

After 'Gujarat 11', do you have more Dhollywood deals?

Yes, I have a handful of offers, but fortunately or unfortunately I have not accepted anything. I'm looking for an original role, not like the conventional movies we see these days.

Many soccer players have participated in the movie, how was your experience working with them?

I am training almost 15 players in the movie, of which 10 play football professionally. Then, I would try to spend quality time with them, understanding the game and its details. I played his coach in the movie, but in real life I was very enlightened about the game.