Bill for the Amendment of Citizenship: Safe Government of the numbers of Rajya Sabha

(This story originally appeared in on December 6, 2019) NEW DELHI: The government is ready to introduce the in the Lok Sabha Monday and he hopes to pass it on both cameras without problems. Meanwhile, the opposition has decided to demand that the bill be sent to a select committee for scrutiny.

The government will have no problem in getting the bill passed in the Lok Sabha and is sure of mustering the numbers in the too. BJP’s coalition partner JDU had reservations against the bill when it was introduced in January.

However, the government has managed to convince him now. “We had certain concerns regarding the northeastern states, especially the tribal people of the region. The Interior Minister has assured to safeguard his interests, so we will support the bill in both Houses, ”JDU spokesman Rajiv Ranjan told ET.

JDU has six parliamentarians in Rajya Sabha. Akali Dal also with his three parliamentarians has extended his support to the government. We are supporting the bill as there are several Sikh refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan and the bill will help them secure citizenship, Akali Dal deputy Naresh Gujral told ET ET.

The government also received guarantees from latent BJP allies in Parliament. We have mainly supported the government and the Tamil Nadu CM will make a decision on this, AIADMK deputy Navneetha Krishnan told ET ET. AIADMK has 11 deputies in the Upper House. Similarly, BJD, which has seven parliamentarians in Rajya Sabha, will also support the bill.

The party has not announced its official decision, but is in favor of the law. We are inclined to support the bill, said a deputy from BJD.

“Minorities in neighboring countries will be allowed in India and granted citizenship, because they are persecuted there. There is nothing wrong with that. We are supporting him, ”said Vijayasai Reddy of YSRCP, which has two parliamentarians.

TRS with six parliamentarians in Rajya Sabha says he will make a decision only after reviewing the draft bill.

The Popular Front of Naga and the Popular Front of Bodo with a deputy each are also willing to support the government while the Sikkim Democratic Front decide when the bill is presented. MDMK leader Vaiko said he will comment only after reviewing the bill.

The opposition plans to say in both Houses that the bill must be examined and sent to the selected committee. The Congress held a meeting of like-minded parties on Thursday afternoon, which was attended by NCP, RJD, Trinamool, DMK, CPI, CPM, SP, BSP and smaller parties. Derek O'Brien and Ripun Bora, of the Trinamool Congress, informed the parties about the bill and its impacts.

The parties decided that their parliamentarians will demand in any of the chambers that the bill be sent to the selected committee. “The bill has certain provisions that clearly violate the Constitution. Such a bill with a far-reaching impact must be examined by a parliamentary committee, said Anand Sharma of Congress.

We will oppose the bill, said deputy SP Javed Ali. “The exception basically sets multiple citizenship standards. Now he is saying that in the internal line of the permit areas, in the area of ​​the Sixth List, the terms and conditions of citizenship will be different.

Because it suits BJP's cheap political trick, O'Brien said. BSP leader Mayawati said in Lucknow that CAB was unconstitutional and divisive. She demanded that it be sent to a parliamentary committee for review. BSP MP Danish Ali said his party will oppose the bill.

Sanjay Singh of AAP also opposed the bill. Manoj Jha of RJD expressed a similar opinion. Shiv Sena had supported the bill as a component of the NDA and will soon make a decision about it. Deputy RS MP KTS Tulsi said: “According to the Constitution, Parliament cannot enact a law that discriminates against people on the grounds of religion. This law will not pass the Constitution test and will only remain a trick.