The highlights of Pathaam Classile Pranayam's review: a soft and problematic version of teenage romance

From popular movies to digital web content, a lot of content seems to revolve around nostalgia these days. It is revealing that these stories focus on the lives of students in the fullness of their adolescence. Through Pathaam Classile Pranayam director Nitheesh K Nair Try to take advantage of this nostalgia but fail miserably.

Vivek and Shambhu, both students in class 10, are in love with Meera. Nevertheless, Meera , a studious girl, has told them again and again that she is not interested in any of them. But when a woman's reticence once hindered the male ego!

The movie has a cast that can't happen as 15-year-olds, even on a good day. Even experienced cast members often give us a tired and lazy performance. Often, the tenth grade is promoted as the turning point in our education system because the grades obtained in the tenth grade largely determine their path. But Malayalam cinema has become accustomed to celebrating Romeos on the teenage road.

Blame the age or the raging hormones, but this is yet another tale of the male species stalking, leering and making unwanted sexual advances on women. As if that wasn't enough, there's sexual innuendos in the name of jokes, victim blaming, and what not! The slow narrative with a non-existent story and jokes that are just poor double understand, Pathaam Classile Pranayam makes for a tiring watch.

At the interval, Shambhu and Vivek are at loggerheads for Meera 's affection. Where will this fight lead to?