Celebrities express concern for the safety of women in Bihar

Shortly after the murder case for rape in Hyderabad, a similar incident was reported in the Buxur district on Monday night. A girl was burned after being allegedly raped in a group in the village of Kukudha. While ordinary people are horrified by the incident, celebrities from Bihar They have expressed their anger at the heinous series of crimes that are happening against women.

Actress Riva Kishan said: “It is a shame for humanity. Such incidents are not natural, and we cannot even imagine the pain that the victim must have gone through. The culprits must be hanged to death.

Bhojpuri actor Dinesh Lal Yadav , also known as Nirahua, said that simply taking out marches of candles will not deter authors. He said: Such a level of crime makes us think that we now live in a world of demons, who are still looking for an opportunity to brutalize women. They should receive the most severe punishment, so that others can think a hundred times before committing such acts.

According to the actor Vineet Kumar Simply punishing the guilty will not reduce the number of such cases. “As responsible individuals, we must take responsibility for immediate action if we see such incidents around us. In addition to punishing those criminals, we must also understand their mentality and work on it. This will help eradicate such problems from its root.

Sharing similar views, actress Neetu Chandra said, “I am very sad to hear that such incidents have started happening in Bihar. Women’s safety has become the most important topic of today. I want to convey my message to every parent that they must raise their boys with good values. Girls must also be trained with self-defense techniques. Respecting women should be the first lesson that a mother teaches her sons. ”