Hyderabad resulted in the meeting of public anger, says Vijay Rupani

AHMEDABAD: Hyderabad's encounter with four defendants in a rape and murder case was the result of public anger against the horrible crime, the prime minister said on Friday.

The four defendants in the case of rape and murder of a 25-year-old female veterinarian near Hyderabad last month were killed in an exchange of gunfire with police on Friday morning, police said.

Rupani said the rape and murder of the woman had caused outrage and anger.

There is a feeling that those who commit inhuman crimes should receive severe punishment, Rupani told reporters at the time.

Today in the morning we received the news that those accused of the horrible incident in Hyderabad were killed in a meeting.

There was a palpable anger among the people of the country and the result was a meeting, Rupani said when asked to react to the murder of the Telengana meeting.

The meeting took place when the defendants were taken to the crime site for the reconstruction of the crime scene as part of the investigation.

They (defendants) snatched weapons from the police and fired at the police and tried to escape ... the police fired in retaliation in which the four defendants died, a senior Telangana police official said.